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Kane shares her view. Science tells us that face-to-face time is good for our health, so much better than screen-to-screen time. Though it takes planning and effort, the statistics are clear: visiting a friend is good for both the mind and body, and those benefits reverberate when we return home. And yet, Kane wonders if enough of us make time for cultivating those relationships. The importance of plant names led Kane to think about the word friendship itself, and so one morning at her desk she turned to the Oxford English Dictionary.

She discovered that in Western literature, the word friendship first appears in Beowulf. That pulled other stories and characters onto the page, specifically Penelope from The Odyssey. I got angry about that. May travels and arrives at various households, some full of children and others not, some in states of disarray, each with their own particular habits and idiosyncrasies. That confusion brings no dismay, however. Which, I think, is something May Attaway would recognize too. As would most anyone, really. Created by Grove Atlantic and Electric Literature. Article continues after advertisement.

He writes about culture, gender roles, and parenting from his home in Brooklyn. This phrase has been uttered for decades in an attempt to promote the exercise of walking, which has always been thought to have health benefits for nearly everyone's cardiovascular system. For the study, a team of researchers — mostly based out of England — monitored volunteers, all of whom were over the age of 60, between October and June Out of those people, 40 were categorized as being healthy, 40 had chronic obstructive pulmonary disease COPD and 39 had ischaemic heart disease in which a blockage in the coronary arteries reduces blood supply to the heart muscle.

Those who strolled down the busy street, though, had weakened effects. In some cases, the benefits were even reversed. Still, in spite of these findings, there is no reason for urbanites to change their normal walking patterns down city streets, says Jonathan Newman, a cardiologist and assistant professor at the New York University School of Medicine. Whether the main malicious source constituents are tied to carbon monoxide, soot, the depletion of the ozone or some other cause has yet to be determined — although they can vary based on several factors such as changes in temperatures and humidity, Newman says, causing them to strengthen or weaken their effects on human health.

Studies such as this one, for instance, may give greater insight into what is going on with an elevated risk of diabetes or other risk factors for heart disease based on the response to the air pollution stimulus, Newman says. Until more revelations are made, Newman recommends that those who live in the city opt for strolls in a park setting rather than a busy street, when given the option.

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Recommended walking routes

This area, entirely free of the occupiers, then came to be called the 'Independent Republic of Kampinos'. After leaving the stronghold area we get the trail junction again, which is exactly to the same place where we left off to get to Zamczysko. This time we will follow the red signs.

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The trail passes through the wetland area. After the rain one must have suitable footwear, whereas in the spring and summer - an insect repellent.

Beach House - Walk in the Park

A more dry area is located near the Pine of Insurgents of In it fell due to age; very little fragments of the tree survived, but it is an important historic monument. The attack was to be carried out by an insurgent group from the Kampinos Wilderness led by Walery Remiszewski. The insurgents arrived to the outskirts of Warsaw, but the enemy - forewarned - increased vigilance, reinforced posts, and Remiszewski was ordered to withdraw into the forest. They were closely followed by Tsarist troops. It killed 72 insurgents along with the commander Walery Remiszewski. Survivors wandered in the forests for long time.

Walking & hiking

They were caught by the Cossacks and hanged or shot without a trial. More and more numerous graves appeared on the roadside dunes. Local people buried the dead at night in the cemetery in Kampinos. Apart from the pine tree one can see crosses and a shrine on the edge of the village. There are also shelters and benches. After a short rest one can begin the way back. At the Insurgent Pine the trail has to be changed again; this time the green signs are to be followed - first along the path, then through a narrow path in the woods, and after some time we find ourselves on the road again.

We finally come to the known "Nart" area of strict protection. We continue along the trail route common to both the green and blue trails.

Just before the Granica village we enter the yellow trail and come to the parking lot. If we decide to stay in the forest at night, we can leave Granica the next day for another trip.


A walk through the parkland at Charlecote near Stratford-upon-Avon

Leaving the parking lot, turn left. On our way we pass a military cemetery in the shape of a stylized eagle with the graves of soldiers, including the regimen of the 7th Greater Poland Mounted Riflemen, who died on September The trails behind the cemetery lead in two directions; we choose the one going west. Initially, it is also a walking path we can meet some persistent tourists, but after a distance of about 1 km it is getting empty.

We go towards the Insurgents Oak. The route passes through a beautiful mixed forest. You can hear the sounds of many birds every. We come to the oak, on which Tsarist Cossacks hanged the participants of the January Uprising.

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Just behind the oak the route leads along the edge of the forest. We see a great clearing, with a solitary clump of trees. These are the extensive mud bogs of Bieliny.

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It is worth to stop here for a moment to admire the vast expanse. Forests were cut here in the second half of the nineteenth century. After a short contemplation we entering the forest again. This is perhaps the prettiest stretch of the trail.

Hiking and Walking Trails

Signposts lead us through a varied terrain, we pass the dunes. We have to either climb or descend the hill all the time. That brings us to the purpose of our journey, that is, to the oak of St. The name of the oak and of the dunes comes from a shrine hanging on the tree with the image of St. There is a shelter here and - unfortunately - a forest road used by cars and motorcycles. After a short rest we return along the same route.