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So, they made us.

With this in mind, we have an idea of what it means for Jesus to be the firstborn among many brethren. God made children in the likeness of His Son so that we could relate to Him as Father, and when we return to Him through the Gospel and are daily transformed into the image of Jesus, we are living out that same relationship. One day, heaven will be populated by billions of children of God, all in the image of Jesus. This is what God created us for. In this way, Jesus is going to be the firstborn. He was the first one to love the Father as a Son.

But now, as many sons and daughters are rescued from sin and death, God is bringing more and more brothers and sisters of Jesus to Himself. Jesus — the eternal Son — will be the firstborn out of all of us. Ultimately, this position as firstborn is a glorifying one. In Romans , Paul is declaring that because of our transformation to the image of the Son, the Son will be glorified. This is our purpose. With Romans in mind, Romans takes on a whole new meaning. That is, any time something happens, we can be confident that God is using that life circumstance to change us — inside out — to be like His Son.

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When we go through this process of conforming to the image of Christ, we also glorify Jesus by declaring that He is the perfect human and our example. In the end, God receives all the glory. Is this a bad or disappointing thing? Certainly not; God is worthy of it. When we step back and read Romans through this new lens, we are forced to change two things: our priorities and our perspective. Our priority can no longer be this life. While it is good to enjoy good things and desire the end of suffering as God also does , this life is not our home.

He has better things for us. What would it take for us to believe that becoming like Jesus is actually better than God giving us prosperity and health? Paul seems to think that this should be our priority. God has designed us for Himself, not for us to soak up happiness alone, away from a relationship with Him. He is what truly fulfills us. To know and love God; this is our purpose. Our perspective, then, must also change. We must live with our eyes fixed on God and eternity.

Certainly, God blesses us. He saves us from suffering and brings us joy and peace. But at the same time, He wants our attention focused on our eternal destination and the reward of the race that we run: Jesus. I know this message can be, ironically, discouraging.

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I still struggle to think that God is not always focused on my happiness in this life. Often, being transformed to the image of Christ seems like a weak prize.

What about more money? Perfect mental health? I am a fallen human, and I simply do not want God as much as I want other things. However, this is more the result of my sin nature than it is the sign of healthy human longings. To a sinful human like me, this message is convicting. But it should not only convict us.

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Remember, God wants to use this passage to encourage us! So, how does it encourage? Take a moment and step back from reading this. How are you feeling? Are you convicted? Do you disagree?

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On the other hand, do you find that your focus in your life is Jesus and Jesus alone? If so, please contact me and let me know what your secret is. If you are feeling convicted about how selfish you are, then you and I are in the same boat. But it is from this conviction that you should be most encouraged.

Think of this new view on Romans not as a challenge, as I have been posing it, but a promise. Rather, He is calling you deeper and deeper into the relationship that you already have, where He will refine your heart and make you new. This is part of the Gospel. Jesus has died for us and has come back from the dead, and His life, death, resurrection, and ascension are finishing the funeral of sin and death.

But this action is not just a past or future one, but a present one. Jesus is not just going to cleanse your heart of sin at some abstract future time. Rather, He is doing it day in and day out, faithfully weaving every situation of your life into a beautiful tapestry where you become more like Him.

This is the joyful message of Romans For any questions about online Christian private school education, please call , or visit EnlightiumAcademy. Enlightium Academy is an accredited alternative education option for educating your child from home. Our program offers the comfort of a homeschool education environment and the quality of a private school education.

Enlightium Academy is a private Christian school that offers a Bible-based, flexible, accredited, teacher-supported, and affordable education. Perkins has been interested in studying and teaching the Word of God since his freshman year at Moody Bible Institute. This interest has become a passion and deep love. And all across the Christian landscape, people are twisting and turning, rationalizing and redefining to create a loophole that just isn't there.

The idea: if you're out of bounds, just move the boundaries. But God's not moving. Cultures change.

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  • Polls change. God's Word does not. It's just always the truth, whether millions believe it or no one believes it. Telling someone the truth - especially if it's unwelcome truth - is not unloving. Oh, it can be delivered unlovingly, as all too often it is these days. But parents know that loving your child sometimes means giving them truth they don't want to hear. But they need to hear. About playing in the street Internet relationships We love them enough to tell them the truth.

    That's how much God loves us. He sees the big picture, where certain choices end up. His boundaries aren't to deprive us. They're to protect us. That's why compromising His life instructions is patently unloving. In a Roman prison, awaiting execution, Paul pens what will be his final written words. To Timothy, a young pastor and his beloved "son in the faith. About "lying scales. They will follow their own desires and will look for teachers who will tell them whatever their itching ears want to hear. That's convenient truth. Funny thing about the real truth, though.

    It will always be true. And one day, I'll face the scars and regrets - and even judgment - for embracing a comfortable lie rather than the uncomfortable truth. So, as our culture, our friends, our mentors, even some spiritual brothers and sisters find a scale that means we don't have to change, God's word to His faithful ones is clear.

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    In other words, don't try to move an island closer to your boat. Move your boat to where the island is! Because the island isn't moving. The stormy crosswinds of conflicting ideas and moralities are intensifying to hurricane strength. Without an anchor, we can be blown out to sea.

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    I thank God, there is one anchor that has held firm through every storm, for every generation. The unchanging, forever true Word of Almighty God. So each day, when I weigh my life, my priorities, my choices, I'll stick with the Scale that will always tell me the truth. Even when it hurts. Labels - Good for Groceries, Bad for People. When Our Heroes Fall.

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