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License : EL. West Chester, PA Lived in:. John's University. Resumes Resumes Problem solver. Old School Construction, Inc. The Ohio State University - Hilton head health Owner.

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Professionals Accountants Account Manager. Independent Business Owners. Graphic Designer. Chief Executive Financial Manager. Operations Manager. Project Managers. Sales Manager. Health Practitioner Physician. Physicians Assistant Radiology Worker. Student Worker Supervisors. Technicians Wellness and Fitness. Advisor Analysts Clergy. Construction Food service Inspector. Installer Laborer Managers.

Stock Clerk Technical Support Specialists.

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Date of birth:. Publications John G. About: Born:. Work: Position:. Schmitz " John George Schmitz " August 12, — January 10, was a Republican Party United States member of the United States House of Representatives and California State Senate from Orange County, California By one measure, he was found to be the third most conservative member of Congress between and and the ultra-conservative John Birch Society, of which Schmitz was a longtime leader, later expelled him for extremist rhetoric Education: Studied at:.

He was also a member of the John Birch Society. Classification: 5 R, 5 HS, 5 , , , A patient transfer system is provided for quick, easy and comfortable movement of a patient between horizontal and vertical positions and between lateral locations for medical procedures. The system includes a gurney with a patient positioning board pivotally mounted thereon for movement between horizontal and upright positions. The board is adapted to receive a patient mold. A footrest is provided at the lower end of the board such that a patient can step onto the footrest when the board is in the upright position and lean against the board.

The board is then lowered to a horizontal position on the gurney.

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The gurney can be wheeled into position adjacent a treatment table in a treatment room, such as for radiation therapy, and docked to the table. Laterally extending guide rails on the gurney and on the treatment table are aligned such that the board can be laterally moved from the gurney guide rails to the table guide rails, thereby quickly and easily transferring the patient from the gurney to the treatment table in an indexed known position, which can be duplicated in future treatment procedures. What is claimed is: 1. A device for positioning a patient onto a table for radiation therapy or imaging procedures, comprising: a gurney having wheels for rolling the gurney upon a floor; a frame pivotally secured to the gurney for pivotal movement about a horizontal axis between a horizontal position and an upright position; a plurality of guide rails extending laterally across the frame; a patient transfer board mounted on the frame for pivotal movement therewith, and having opposite sides and opposite top and bottom surfaces; a plurality of guide tracks extending laterally across the bottom surface of the board to matingly receive the guide rails such that the board is laterally movable along the guide rails from a position on the frame to a position on the table; and a footrest mounted on the board at one end thereof.

The device of claim 1 further comprising a linear actuator mounted in the gurney and having an extensible arm connected to the frame for pivoting the frame and board between the horizontal and upright positions. The device of claim 1 wherein the guide rails each have a plurality of rollers for rollably supporting the board on the frame for rolling movement between the frame and the treatment table. Classification: The invention is directed to an adjustable mold for use in fabricating bigradable polymeric bone replacements or implants.

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The invention consists of a box-like structure with two movable plates therein which can be locked into place permitting different size replacements to be fabricated. The interior walls are panels consisting of polytetrafluoroethylene which permit easy removal of a cured bone replacement. The construction and locking means for the movable plates permit the invention to withstand the pressures developed in replacement fabrication as well as to withstand the most commonly used types of sterilization procedures.

An apparatus is disclosed which is used to assist in lifting and moving storage tanks, pipes and the like. The apparatus includes a tubularly-shaped body suspended from a cable, the tubularly shaped body having a slot which communicates with the hollow interior of the tube allowing the cable to radially enter and exit approximately one-half of the hollow interior of the tube.

The tube is inserted into an access port in the tank to be lifted and is positioned to engage the interior of the tank. The interaction of the slotted tube with the cable provides a convenient tool for engaging, securing and lifting the tank. An improved fuel injection system for use with an internal combustion eng mounted in a vehicle.

The fuel system has fuel, a fuel pump, a throttle position sensor for sensing the power requested, and an engine control unit. The improvement comprises a fuel pump control circuit using three distinct duty cycle modulator circuits to control fuel pump speed. One duty circuit is used on startup to bring the system to full operating pressure, a second duty circuit provides modulated pulses to the fuel pump to operate the fuel pump at the level set by the throttle position sensor and a third duty circuit operates the fuel pump at idle the third duty circuit maintaining the fuel flow at a level which prevents vapor lock and being also adapted to operate the fuel pump at the reduced level in the event of throttle position sensor failure.

A starting controller for a diesel engine. The controller has a microprocor that will provide a current to the glow plugs until they are heated to the desired operating temperature and will then distribute sequential pulses to the individual plugs until the engine reaches the desired operating temperature. The system can have a latching circuit that will prevent the preglow cycle from being reinitiated until the glow plugs have been allowed to cool to a level where reinitiation will not represent a substantial degrading effect on the glow plugs.

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A gaming machine and a method for playing a game includes a base game and a bonus game. The gaming machine includes a display for displaying a plurality of game elements during the base game and a controller, coupled to the display, for controlling the display during the base game and the bonus game as a function of input by a player.

An occurrence of a triggering event is detected during the base game, and responsively the bonus game is entered. The triggering event is defined by a predetermined number of a bonus game element appearing on the display during the base game. A bonus is awarded to the player during the bonus game.

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Classification: D The ornamental design for an antenna mount actuator adapter, as shown and described. A domino construction, which includes rollers and gears within the main structure of the domino, which makes it possible to cause spots to disappear, when viewing the domino from the top side, without turning over the main structure of the domino. When the spots disappear from the top side of the domino body, they simultaneously appear at the bottom side.

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Time is saved during and between games because shuffling of the dominoes also takes care of the necessity of turning over the dominoes, or concealing the spots. Amazon Hands Across The Sky.

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Book Two soon to follow. Hundreds and then thousands soon filled the road. They moved forward, forming orderly rows extending across […]. Editorial Reviews. About the Author. Everyday low. Look here for the very latest news on the writings of John Patrick Schmitz. Comments and questions on this, and related subjects, is most welcome. Free download.