The Facility Managers Guide to Environmental Health and Safety

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Typical ventilation system design for fume hood systems in laboratories.

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Proper preventative maintenance PM not only improves the useful life of the systems and building structures, but it can lend to good indoor air quality and prevent "sick building" syndromes. Health and Safety of Telecommuting Employees : In January , the Department of Labor said that employers would not be held liable for health and safety violations occurring in the homes of telecommuting employees.

Cotton-pleated filters are possible safe, cost-effective alternatives to conventional fiberglass filters. Contamination of HVAC Systems : Potential exposure of building occupants to molds from contaminated HVAC systems, especially during maintenance and renovation projects, remains a serious concern. Reaction to exposure can range from negligible to severe among building occupants and can frequently be very difficult to definitively identify as a causal factor for occupants' symptoms.

Occupational and Employee Safety

Special care must be exercised in HVAC design , especially, to prevent excessive humidity in system components. Fiberglass is used extensively in building construction, especially for insulation and sound attenuation in HVAC systems. Considerable concern exists regarding the potential adverse health effects of inhaling fiberglass fibers. A number of studies are currently investigating the long-term effects of inhalation exposure to fiberglass.

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At a minimum, fiberglass exposed to the air stream in an HVAC system will shed particles and serve as a matrix for collecting dust and dirt that act as a substrate for microbial growth. Contamination of domestic hot water systems, cooling towers, and condensate pans : continues to result in infections of building occupants on a regular basis.

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  5. If you manage a local grocery store, it would seem like a simple task. Secure your door locks and windows; install a fire and burglar alarm and, voila, you are good to go.

    Managing a large office building, however, requires drafting a thorough facility management plan with scheduled maintenance tasks and accurate assignment of duties among your personnel. You can barely adopt a working facility management plan without having an office facilities management checklist in place. Such a checklist will help a pop-and-mom local grocery in managing and securing their place in a more efficient way, too.

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    Electronic devices and surveillance systems aside, you need your security director draft a facility management checklist, comprising all the points that need special attention and all the tasks required to secure your office space. You have two basic choices in terms of securing your building against unauthorized visitors:. Access control and monitoring of visitors routes requires an office facilities management checklist where each area is assigned a specific access level. You should also put all your physical devices such as door locks , entrances, exits, and emergency routes on that list.

    Environmental Health & Safety

    The reasons for this are quite obvious. Your checklist should also define which are your interior common area doors and what policies apply to each of them. A large building will require, for instance, extended security policies in regard to management of facilities such as elevators and parking facilities. You cannot manage all those facilities without having a detailed logistics plan that envisages all routes for your patrols on the ground as well as critical spots where you should have guards set as live checkpoints.

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    Furthermore, your overall facility layout enable the business to both operate effectively and comply with the Occupational Safety and Health Administration guidelines and other business regulations. Other safety measures prove useless if the authorities close your facility due to not meeting specific EHS requirements. Securing entry points is not enough, really.

    Facilities Management Services

    You need to monitor routes used by your visitors and have a working access control system in place. Not that you must assign a security guard to each door, a card-based or key fob system may well perform this task. To accomplish your goals and have a feasible facility management program in place, you need to plan strategically.