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The other verses emphasize through the impressive use of contrasts the greatness of God and the nothingness of mortal nations and the gods they worship. Moses ; ; D. He is called the Everlasting God Gen. McConkie, Mormon Doctrine, p. Elder Orson Pratt suggested that those who have been confined to the mortal sphere and its laws may be renewed with the light of truth and be enabled to move from place to place at accelerated velocity, even with the speed of light.

To have the strength to run the race of life without becoming weary is a valuable promise; to be able to journey with safety and not faint or fall away from the truth is a great blessing. What consolation and encouragement it is to those who wait upon the Lord to be able to serve mightily and not weary of it, to walk with certainty and not fall away. Isaiah 40—66 is prophetic. Most Bible scholars feel that these chapters are historical and that they were written by others after Judah was exiled to Babylon. Yet Book of Mormon prophets quote parts or all of Isaiah 48—53 , indicating these chapters must have been included on the Brass Plates before the Babylonian exile.

The Americas are one of these isles. All of this would come near the time of the harvest. Then scattered Israel will learn a new song, the song of the redeemed, as they are gathered into the kingdom see also Isaiah , 10 ; Revelation —3. Was it one man? Certainly not. Many angelic ministrants have been sent from the courts of glory to confer keys and powers, to commit their dispensations and glories again to men on earth.

Since it is apparent that no one messenger has carried the whole burden of the restoration, but rather that each has come with a specific endowment from on high, it becomes clear that Elias is a composite personage. The expression must be understood to be a name and a title for those whose mission it was to commit keys and powers to men in this final dispensation.

Doctrines of Salvation, vol. The Lord challenged the wisest of the world to produce the smallest insight into the future see vv. Only one servant was given power of judgment see v. He did not cry or lift up His voice in the streets, that is, raise a great tumult and boast in His own ways. Matthew cited this passage in Isaiah after noting that the Savior charged the multitudes not to make His healings known see Matthew —21 , for His was not an earthly kingdom wherein His voice and His works and wonders were to be heralded abroad; rather, His was a heavenly kingdom see John — Thus, He withdrew from multitudes and avoided the honors of men, and He ministered with meekness and gentleness.

The imagery of the bruised reed and smoking flax see v. Keil and F.

Not only will He not destroy the life that is dying out, but He will actually save it; His course is not to destroy, but to save. When mortals who are blind because they lack gospel light embrace the gospel, they are as prisoners set free. That they were to stay there? Certainly not! Let His own declaration testify.

Everything centers in the Savior, Jesus Christ. His hand is extended to strengthen, support, and protect covenant Israel; but that is not all. The prophet Isaiah introduced the vision of the restoration of the gospel in the latter days by explaining that the truths and the keys of former days were to be restored. He also observed the restoration of new keys in the dispensation of the fulness of times see v.

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Using the metaphor of childbirth he described the restoration of the earthly kingdom following a long period of apostasy, during which the heavens had been sealed see v. The Church will be restored in the last days, before the destruction that will make the mountains as plains and dry up the waters, and before the return of the scattered tribes of Israel, when they will come on paths they have not known, and the light of the gospel will dispel the darkness they have so long endured see Isaiah — The song is unique in that only those who are sanctified are worthy to sing it compare Revelation —3.

The same spirit is reflected in Doctrine and Covenants — Isaiah was caught up in the majesty of his latter-day prophecy; however, at this point he digressed to expound upon the status of Israel between the day of his prophecy and the day of its fulfillment. He gave a clear reminder that all those, including wayward Israel, who pay homage at the feet of idols are deaf and blind to the message and light of the gospel see vv.

Clearly, it is not the servant who is blind, but scattered Israel, who have adopted the idols of their neighbors. The metaphor is as valid for an individual as it is for the house of Israel. The Lord called her by name, for Israel is the name given her by covenant and symbolizes the fact that she would eventually be preserved and belong to Him see Genesis — He then promised that as she passed through the perils of her journey back He would be with her. Neither waters nor flood nor the fires of trial and persecution could take away His protection of His chosen people.

There may also be a spiritual symbolism in these promises. When Israel escaped from Egypt, she passed through the water the Red Sea and was overshadowed with fire, the pillar of fire, and smoke see Exodus —22 ; — Here Isaiah showed Israel being gathered. One is gathered into the fold by becoming baptized; thus, the symbolism is both spiritually and temporally significant.

Isaiah used east, west, north, and south see vv. In connection with this promise, read Notes and Commentary on Isaiah —25 , concerning the servant who sees and hears and will open the eyes and ears of those who will be gathered. The Lord sent Israel into Babylonian bondage for a wise cause. And all of this would be as sure as the destruction of the Egyptians in the days of Moses, which had become legendary.

After recalling the destruction of the Egyptians before his day see v. It is true the Saints had to make the canals, they had to make the ditches, they had to put in the dams, but the land might have remained arid had not the Lord put into their minds the inspiration to do this very thing, and that is what Isaiah saw that the Lord would do.

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He said: [ Isaiah —20 ]. They are greater than many of the rivers of the land. Jacob was the father of Israel. The Lord renewed the covenant He had made with Abraham with Jacob and changed his name to Israel because of his righteousness Gen. With great irony, Isaiah brought out the inconsistency of those who work wood and metal, use it for firewood and other mundane things, but fashion idols from the same material and then expect those idols to show forth great power and answer their prayers.

This tragic phrase reflects the dire consequences for one who lives a lie. Since the right hand is the covenant hand see Smith, Doctrines of Salvation, —8 , this phrase implies that those who continue to seek treasures, or to worship false gods, become blinded to the truth and cannot recognize that their covenants are broken and become to them as lies that will condemn them at the last day.

At the time Isaiah prophesied, Babylon had not yet come to power, and more than a hundred years would pass before Babylon would carry Judah into captivity. At the time Isaiah spoke his name, Cyrus was still in the premortal existence. They commonly claim, therefore, that this part of Isaiah was written by someone during the Exile and after Cyrus had given Israel help. Part of the account of Josephus is quoted herewith:. Accordingly, when Cyrus read this, and admired the divine power, an earnest desire and ambition seized upon him to fulfill what was so written; so he called for the most eminent Jews that were in Babylon, and said to them, that he gave them leave to go back to their own country, and to rebuild their city Jerusalem, and the temple of God, for that he would be their assistant and that he would write to the rulers and governors that were in the neighborhood of their country of Judea, that they should contribute to them gold and silver for the building of the temple, and, besides that, beasts for their sacrifices.

Typology is often misunderstood and abused. A type is a divinely appointed prophetic symbol, usually of Christ. When a person or a thing is called a type, that does not alter its literal meaning or deny its historical reality. Cyrus was a Persian king, and we have no evidence that he ever really knew the true God, although the Persian religion was relatively free from the gross idolatries of the Babylonians. Consequently when it is asserted that Cyrus is a type of Christ, it is not said that he was like the Lord Jesus Christ in every respect.

The only intended resemblance is in the fact that Cyrus was the anointed one who delivered the people of Israel from their captivity.

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As such he points us to the greater Anointed One who saves His people from their sins. Therefore, even when the wicked are punished by the wicked see Mormon , it is under the direction of the Lord. Talmage, The Articles of Faith, pp. The many men who conspired against Joseph Smith were not reviling merely a man but were reviling their own maker, whose servant that man was. People and organizations often deal with the things of the earth in terms of ownership.

But people cannot speak of ownership. Through Isaiah, the Lord reminded Israel that He is the creator of the earth and therefore only He can properly refer to it in terms of ownership. Kimball asked some pointed questions concerning this subject:. Boastful when the amount is large? Has the child been generous to his parents when he washes the car, makes his bed? Are you liberal when you pay your rent, or pay off notes at banks? You are not generous, liberal, but merely honest when you pay your tithes. Do you rob banks? You are shocked at such suggestions. Then, would you rob your God, your Lord, who has made such generous arrangements with you?

Would you help relatives or friends with funds not your own? That is where meditating comes in Joshua , where listening to teachers of the word comes in. Paul declared himself teacher of the Gentile in truth 2Timothy and took the time to pen the truth of the mind of God for the churches of the gentiles. He needed to do this to create the right vision and understanding in the people. He said he wants them to be shaped aright, to have the purity of devotion to Christ 2Corinthians He said that if they believe another gospel different from what he proclaimed to them, then they are fallen from grace Galatians , If they fall into the hands of false teachers who will fill them with wrong thoughts, then they are in real big trouble.

The book of Psalms says: The Lord gave the word, great is the multitudes of those who proclaim it Psalm We do not proclaim our own words, it is the word of God, with Peter writing that those who speak should speak as the oracle of God 1Peter then they will give people true and effective visions. Lamentation It is good for a man that he bear the yoke in his youth. The oxen, when the focus verse was written, contribute to farming, doing the heavy manual work of tilling the ground in preparatory for farming and other things.

It was not a life of enjoyment for the animal. But at the end of the day what you have is a fit animal able to do more work. The yoke, i. What the focus verse says is that enjoyment should not be the priority of the youth, but work, bearing the yoke, putting the hand and the mind to work, making the hand more skillful, and the mind more fruitful. The writer of the book of Ecclesiastes said that it is good for us to seek the Lord in our youth, putting him in mind Ecclesiastes That is a responsibility, a yoke we should bear, a commitment we should make, a race we should run.

The bible says that a child should be trained in the way he should go and he would not depart from it when older Proverbs The best time to be rightly shaped is when you are young. Rather than go through the painful process of unlearning the wrong things it is better to learn the right thing from the onset. Jesus said that the little children should not be prevented from coming to him, because of such is the kingdom of God Matthew He said that unless we are converted and be like children they will not see the kingdom of God Matthew Children are like clean slates.

And Jesus was likely referring to their teach-ability when he said that we should like children. This is because when we come to the kingdom of God, we enter a learning curve of the ways of God. And Jesus said that if we continue in his word, we shall be his disciples indeed and shall know the truth which will make us free John A disciple follows; he is basically a learner, which is a form of yoke-bearing, because you will encounter many things in your learning process meant to stop you. But children are unstoppable when it comes to learning, they are not stuck in past knowledge as most adults tend to be, but can flow in new things.

And we cannot go far with God without a learning heart. Paul said that a church should follow him because he follows Christ 1Corinthians But when he became a Christian he had to be emptied of all he knew as an adult. He thought he knew it all. But when he met Christ he became blinded, as an illustration of his spiritual darkness being in need of spiritual enlightenment, the same yoke he was called to bear to the gentiles even though he thought he knew it all Acts 9. He later said that what he thought was gain to him, he now regarded as dung for the excellences of knowing Christ Philippians He needed to be emptied of what he knew to take in the knowledge of Christ.

He had to bear the yoke of learning of Christ, experiencing intimacy with him, sacrificing for him, spending time with him. The yoke is about goal, service and sacrifice orientation.

It is not about what is in it for me, but how my life can be of use to others. And the bible says that we should not be weary in doing good because we shall reap if we faint not 1Corinthians A yoke is about responsibility. It is a burden, it is pressure without which there will be no development. Without facing situations that stretch you, you will not be a better person.

When Jesus said we should bear our cross daily to follow him Luke , that is what he meant. By carrying the cross we carry our burden of change. One the other side of the cross for Jesus was immortal life. The cross is not plastic, it is heavy wood, but it is a gateway to a new you. When God said Jeremiah should go and prophesy to the nation of Israel , he said he was a child Jeremiah He did not think he was qualified. It was going to stretch him. And it did. But he now stands as one of the greatest prophets of all time.

His words are in the bible. The task that God gives you is his burden that he wants you to share, his yoke that he wants you to share, and something of his desire that he wants to make you responsible for. Jesus, when he saw the enormity of the needs surrounding him, said to the disciples that they should pray the Lord of the harvest to send labourers into his harvest Matthew He was burdened by the work and he wanted more labourers, more people who will share his burden.

The more yoke-bearers the merrier. There were still a great number of people who needed to be brought into the fold of God, touched by His power. Jesus decided to send the disciples to various villages. They bore his burden for the people. They were to replicate his work everywhere, heal the sick, raise the dead, cleanse the leper, and preach the gospel, which they did. He said he had been sent to the lost sheep of Israel Matthew And he had the disciples bear his yoke, share his passion and go to Israelites in their villages on his behalf, bearing his name.

They were to manifest him in his supernatural essence in those places. That is why he said that his burden is light and his yoke is easy because we go with his authority, and with his heavenly mandate and full back-up of his grace.

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The problem comes when in the name of getting busy, getting along, we carry more burden than we have been given and so are not rewarded but rather crushed. Ambition has a way of doing that to us. The two sons of Zebedee James and John driven by love of prestige asked Jesus through their mother to allow them to sit on his two sides Matthew But Jesus said that it does not happen like that, but they will need to drink the cup experience of judgment he will drink before they can be so honoured.

If they will not align with his mission, they will not align with his reward. Bearing the yoke of Jesus is a lifelong devotion. You cannot bear the yoke of the Lord and bear any other yoke. Any other will be a distraction, it will not be light, but heavy, it will not be easy but hard, generally making life difficult. If you have an issue with fear, there is the antidote in the presence of God. The nearness of God in prayer private prayer, which is also our nearness to him, initiated by us, sets the stage in our lives for a fear-proof existence.

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Lack of fear does not mean lack of caution; it means a build up of a confidence within that leads to emotional fortification. Emotions seem to be what us as human beings can least control. Sometimes emotions seem to alight on us almost without rhyme or reason. Some maybe overwhelmed by the feeling of fear. One mission of Jesus Christ is to offer us a fear cure, as it is written, that Jesus Christ came to deliver us from the fear of death Hebrews , and with the same stroke means all kinds of fear.

Your fear is meant to dissolve in the presence of God, that is the reality that you are supposed to live in, you are not to move about with a sense of fear but confidence in God. The bible says that we should not fear man; rather, we should fear God Matthew The healthy fear of God does not paralyse, it guides the action. As it is written, who will do you harm when you go about doing the will of Gods 1Peter Paul told Timothy that he should realise that he has not been given the spirit of fear, meaning fear is a spirit 2Timothy ; do not yield to it, but not in a vacuum, it is when you yield to the spirit of love, power and sound mind that it becomes possible not to yield to the spirit of fear.

From that we conclude that love, power and sound mind are spirit, in that context. A spirit is an unseen influence. God wants to influence you away from the direction the spirit of fear by the Spirit of love, power and sound mind. One thing John told his audience on his discourse on Love is that perfect love casts out fear 1John , lending credence to the fact that fear is a spirit since it can be cast out. But the force of perfect love is seen as its antidote.

That love the bible says is shed abroad in out hearts by the Holy Spirit Romans It therefore seems to me that the closer we are to the Holy Spirit, hugging the presence of God, the better we are in experiencing love fear gets automatically cast out. Paul describes love, the God-kind of love, as being of the spirit.

It is not natural, neither is it mental, intellectual, or a physical emotion, it Love is of the spirit meaning it gives spiritual quality, which dissolves fear. Love gives you a sense of security because you have fully realised that the God loves you and you are responding in like manner 1John Paul wanted the Ephesians to have the full revelation of the love of God saying that would cause them to be filled with all the fullness of God Ephesians That is what delivers from the spirit of fear.

The spirit of fear; that gnawing uncomfortable feeling that steals you joy, drains energy and serves as the first wave of satanic attack to make vulnerable for subsequent attacks. Remember Jesus said, the enemy comes but has nothing to hold unto in Him John And because fear has torment, and it is not God who has it, Jesus was therefore telling his disciples that there was no operation of the spirit of fear in him among other things.

Realise that the more you are being formed into the image of Christ the less spirit of fear can make an impression on you. That seems to me the logical way of things. Coming to the spirit of power, another antidote that Paul recommended for Timothy, it tells you that you can be in control. Fear originates from a sense of not being in control. But the manifestation of the Holy Spirit as the Spirit of power in your life delivers that control to you. There is a power at work in you Ephesians ; ; you can work that power in prayer. The power of God can control your feeling so that so it does not go out of control.

We are called to not be filled excessively with wine but with the Holy Spirit Ephesians , we are to get drunk on the Holy Spirit as the spiritual wine. This is beyond academic posturing or exposure to the doctrine of the Holy Spirit; it is allowing the Holy Spirit to be all that he can be in your life. Just as with alcohol you let go of inhibitions, also the spirit of fear being an inhibition spiritually is done away with by the power of the Holy Spirit in you. A perception that mimics that of Christ himself, as it is written, we have the mind of Christ 1Corinthians The way you perceive or analyse events could either open the heart to fear or to faith.

But we have the spiritual equipment in the spirit of sound mind that is, the Holy Spirit colouring our thinking and making it possible for us to be unhindered, have our thinking uncluttered, by the spirit of fear; with the spirit of sound mind fully operational in us, empowering us to think like God would, so that when our thoughts are his thoughts out ways can be his ways Isaiah , WordFromGod: Look unto me and you will not be afraid.

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