Still: Notes on a Mid-Faith Crisis

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Still, Notes on a Mid-Faith Crisis by Lauren Winner, book review, part 1

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  • Still: Notes on a Mid-Faith Crisis by Lauren F. Winner.
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She has her students, her work and her books. For me, I related to the books although she likes poetry a lot more than I, and understands it a lot more than I. Winner is, like me, probably overly analytical. There is a good line in the book about how she has so many books on prayer, not because she prays so much but because she wants to pray, but is somewhat afraid, so she reads about prayer instead of praying.

I get that. In the end, it was not her brain that helped her out of the middle slump of faith. It was her community and her liturgy. Those things that kept her moving, even when she did not really want to move. This is a weakness of low-church evangelicals like me. Instead we have popular preachers and good catchy music.

  • Still: Notes on a Mid-Faith Crisis by Lauren F. Winner?
  • Still: Notes on a Mid-Faith Crisis?
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  • Still, Notes on a Mid-Faith Crisis by Lauren Winner, book review, part 1 | Enough Light.
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  • Still: Notes on reading through Lauren Winner’s “Mid-Faith Crisis”.

But it is easy to avoid church services if no one knows we are not there. Winner is an example of why Eugene Peterson is really right. Spiritual growth apart from the church is impossible. Instead the church is made up of people that have bad days on different days than us. We help our neighbor on days that she needs help.

She helps us on days we need help. It is about a body that actually needs the rest of the body to function.

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I will send my copy of the book to the first person that asks. Already sent Related Bookwi. The older I get the more I think Christians need to pay attention to the traditional creeds of Christianity. Summary: A reissue of a book. A decent intro to many of Wright's ideas, but not as fully developed…. The thing I appreciate about her writing that makes me come back to it is the realism about the challenges, frustration and awkwardness that come up when trying to live as a Christian.

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You got it Joanna. This is an ARC, so it is not the final copy. When she addressed the Festival of Homiletics in , she was ill prepared for the demographic of the crowd and came across as flakey and self-absorbed. The book is a bit self absorbed, but that is the nature of memoir. I honestly not sure how she would be as a speaker or preaching.

I doubt she would be a first choice as a speaker at a Homiletics conference. On the whole, I think you would like it though. She is a prof at Duke Divinity school now. Thanks for posting this Adam. I was on the the fence about reading it. So I am more than a day late and a dollar short in offering my thanks. This was a gracious and vulnerable post, and I found it inspiring this morning. Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email.

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Toggle Navigation About. Like this: Like Loading Related Bookwi. If you are willing to send the book internationally, I would love a copy. Adam Shields January 31, at am. Thanks Adam.