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But, just as one may doubt the optimism of utopia, so I am sceptical of the simplicity of its relationship with science. We are coming to the end of an age of faith in science, just as we have reached the end of an age of trust — if not of faith — in utopias. The time is right to re-examine their relationship and its history. Unable to display preview.

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Download preview PDF. Skip to main content. Advertisement Hide. Science and Utopia: The History of a Dilemma. Authors Authors and affiliations J.

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IV, pp. The New Organon , in ibid. IV, p. III, pp. Stanley E. From Thomas More, Utopia , For a recent, suggestive but flawed examination of organic and mechanistic metaphor in scientific language see Carolyn Merchant, The Death of Nature: Women, Ecology, and the Scientific Revolution , San Francisco, Kaye, Oxford, , 2 vols. Manuel ed. For a much fuller treatment of these distinctions and their implications see J. Frame, New York, , pp. In two classic nineteenth century accounts of Arcadia, which have frequently been mistaken for utopias, not only is there no social justification for scientific inquiry but the ideal society is seen as hostile to science and its technological application.

XVI, pp. Jones and A. Bartholomew, 20 vols. See also W. Robert Burton, The Anatomy of Melancholy , ed.

Burton dismisses this vision as unrealistic given the viciousness of human nature and opts for Utopia. Brian Wilson, Magic and Millennium , St. Can the brothers help mend Eutopia and restore its virtues? Or will the Viceans return to finish what they started? Review: Eutopia: The Discovery is a discovery indeed. When I was in school we were taught this stuff, but nowadays even my nieces and nephews do not understand some of these concepts. It is a shame that educational systems are focusing so much on "higher-level" learning that they are forgetting the basics - life skills.

Kathy Motlagh has written an immensely entertaining, yet educational, children's fantasy that I would call a mix between a picture book and an early chapter book. At pages, it is a good length for children in third to seventh grade depending on the child's reading level; every couple of pages there is a beautiful illustration by Rich Greiwe, ranging from monochromatic to a rainbow of colors following the books progression.

I was surprised how effortlessly the text and illustrations meshed with one another, bringing the story to such a peak, however, I did not like the abruptness of the ending. The characters and dialogue are more developed than in books for younger kids, but even a five or six year old would enjoy having this book read to them. Overall, a wonderful resource for children and educators. I will be passing this book along to a few teachers I know, and I highly recommend it for kids seven to twelve. I'm 24 and I cannot wait for book two!

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Visit the Think Virtues Website for more info! Rating: On the Run 4. Mar 23, Rob Slaven rated it it was ok Shelves: first-reads. The ever more prevalent disclaimer applies: I received this book in a GoodReads drawing. Along those lines, I signed up for this drawing for the purposes of getting a book for the kids that we could all read and discuss.

Eutopia is a morality tale, designed to teach children basic virtues. As always it's tough to strike a balance between teaching and entertaining and this example of the genre misses the mark in several ways. Firstly, I can't seem to put my finger what age group this book is supp The ever more prevalent disclaimer applies: I received this book in a GoodReads drawing. Firstly, I can't seem to put my finger what age group this book is supposed to target.

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The format strikes me as appropriate for a younger child. Kids over 10 at least in this household just ignored it as a "kids book" and would have naught to do with it. In delving into the text though the content and style was more appropriate for an older child. I think as far as audience goes this book falls into a no-man's land. Illustrative to my point is the reaction of my 7-year-old. She read the book and all I could get out of her was, and I quote, "They went to another planet.

Any child old enough to actually get anything out of it is put off by the format and the primitive illustrations and likely to refuse to read it. More specifically on the text, the whole thing seemed rather rushed. The author has a good concept but you can sense a lot from the distribution of illustrations.

The first third boasts one illustration on every other page. The middle third is devoid of art until the artist seems to rather guiltily start drawing again near the end. We're also rushed through the story as the protagonists seem to achieve their goals with only trivial effort.

Apparently persistence is not one of the virtues to be taught in this volume. On the positive side, I like what the author's trying to do here. Lessons in morality are important ones so any attempt to set that in the context of something kids actually want to read is a grand one. However, this book just goes about it far too obviously.

A dose of subtlety and patience with the storyline would improve the product vastly. I could imagine a whole series of books along this line, colorfully illustrated, patiently constructed with an evolving story line. I'm rather reminded of trying to give your dog a pill. If there's too much pill and not enough meat then the dog will simply spit out the medicine.


The problem with Eutopia is that the audience who will actually read it is likely to read the book but miss the pill. Feb 25, Erika rated it liked it Shelves: fiction , picture-books , Eutopia: The Discovery is a cross between a picture book and a longer, children's chapter book, only it contains no chapters and there isn't a picture at the turn of every page. So even though it has lots of pictures in it, it's really meant for older kids. I couldn't find the recommended age, but based on the writing and subject matter, I'd say probably This is a very sweet story meant to teach children about virtues.

Kameron, Kyle, and their cousin Lily get transported to another world - Eutopia: The Discovery is a cross between a picture book and a longer, children's chapter book, only it contains no chapters and there isn't a picture at the turn of every page.

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Kameron, Kyle, and their cousin Lily get transported to another world - Eutopia - and find it desolate. All the creatures and plants have gone missing and the world is barren except for a guardian and two sprite-like creatures who tell them that they were sent to Eutopia for a special mission. In order to restore Eutopia they must go on an adventure, practicing their virtues, and then they'll be able to find their way home again. This was a very creative way to teach children about virtues. As the children practice them, new creatures appear, restore part of the landscape, and then help them figure out which virtue they should practice next.

I thought that worked quite well and the order of the virtues actually meant something. The secret is out.

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