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From Communities to Individuals

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Seven Deadly Sins #2: Gluttony

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The opposite are takers who are self-serving in most of their interactions. They are usually cautious and self-protective.

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Grant found that most people are matchers. Why is gluttony bad for performance? So who then were the best performers? Matchers or takers? Neither, it was givers - they were not only the worst performers but also were the best performers.

For example, if you looked at a group of salespeople, the very top performers as measured by sales were givers. Takers might start off well but usually slide into the middle of the pack, as matchers keep them in check. A team led by Nathan Podsakoff, from the University of Arizona, reviewed 38 studies on organizational behaviour. The studies covered more than 3, businesses across a range of industries.

The more often people are helping each other, sharing their knowledge and mentoring one another, the better firms do on every conceivable metric.

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Last of the Seven Deadly Sins: Envy, Part One – Beware!

Some tips on how to build a culture where givers can succeed:. Protect your givers from burn-out : A serious risk is that your givers burn-out. They find it hard to juggle their competing demands, often doing their own work out of hours, late at night and over weekends, because they are constantly assisting others on their tasks. As a leader, encourage them to set boundaries, perhaps limiting their availability to several slots a week to help others in the team with their projects.

The stigma of asking for assistance needs to be demolished and asking for help should be encouraged as the new norm. The data supports the idea that encouraging giving behaviours simply starts with a request.