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Today, the NJ Senate passed S, which will eliminate the current provision in NJ law that allows employers to discriminate against workers over the age of Turner and Senator Bob Andrzejczak for their leadership on passing this bill. We urge the NJ Assembly to follow their lead.

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Workers should be judged by their ability to do the job, not based on their age. Grandparents play an important role in the lives of their grandchildren. Be sure to count your grandkids on your Census if they are living with you on April 1, Spread the word! Gates open at p. Heading to the beach this weekend?

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A new law is helping to protect NJ residents from being overcharged for their prescription medications. Do you know the best day of the week to buy gas? Georges has a deep commitment to this issue rooted in her many years of professional and personal experience. Beverly has had one impressive career in education and career development, and at the age of 84, she is still going strong, using her wisdom and skills, and giving back!

Letters to the Editor for Sept.

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When it gets a query for a record, it can just pick out the record that it needs. We often dynamically generate DNS answers on the fly, so we don't always know what we will respond with before we are asked. Traditional negative answers require the authoritative server to return the previous and next name of a missing name. Because CloudFlare does not have the full view of the zone file, we'd have to ask the database to do a sorted search just to figure out the previous and next names.

One proposed solution to the previous and next name, and secrecy problems is RFC , dubbed 'White Lies'.

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This RFC proposes that DNS operators make up a previous and next name by randomly generating names that are canonically slightly before and after the requested name. White lies is a great solution to block zone walking and it helps us prevent unnecessary database lookups , but it still requires 2 NSEC records one for previous and next name and another for the wildcard to say one thing, so the answer is still bigger than it needs to be.

We decided to take lying in negative answers to its fullest extent. Instead of white lies, we do black lies. Our negative answers are usually around bytes. For comparison, negative answers for ietf. The reason this matters so much is that the maximum size of an unsigned UDP packet is typically octets.

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A good practice is to keep enough headroom in order to keep response sizes below fragmentation threshold during zone signing key rollover periods. This is highly inefficient.

What we realized was that NSEC is a denial of existence. What matters in NSEC are the missing types, not the present ones. So what we do is we set all the types. We say, this name does exist, just not on the one type you asked for.

For example, if you asked for an TXT record of blog. And then if you queried for a MX on blog.

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This saves us a database lookup and from leaking any zone information in negative answers. We call this the DNS Shotgun.

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DNS records are hard. Let Cloudflare Apps manage them for you Cloudflare hat es sich zur Aufgabe gemacht, beim Aufbau eines besseren Internets mitzuwirken. Heute stellen wir unseren DNS Resolver, 1. Product News. Cloudflare Network.

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Deep Dive. Life Cloudflare. Dani Grant. Of course, this record also has a signature contained in the answer: www. This NSEC record also has a signature: ietf. The Salt Length field defines the length of the salt in octets, ranging in value from 0 to When CloudFlare Lies We decided to take lying in negative answers to its fullest extent. NSEC : bytes ietf.