30 Minute Interview Guide for Project Managers

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This post is to help you out to make your interview process productive. Gear yourself up with these thoughtful questions you may be asked. The interviewer expects you to have a knowledge about the project management industry. Start with the challenges and solutions as well. This is critical for the success of any project manager as the challenges will always come along your way. Tell them how you set priorities for your work , you make schedules to coordinate the tasks, or use real-life examples to better explain how you set priorities.

Of course, delegation is an important part of every project and knowing how to delegate effectively will help the team feel empowered.

A project manager needs to manage any changes in time or cost to project progress as early as possible. Usually, the projects are unpredictable, so the manager needs to anticipate the problems as soon as possible. They should be proactive to make quick plans anytime. Be confident in showing that you can handle risks during the course of the project.

There is a solid deadline whenever a project comes up.

The interviewer would want to know how you will manage your team effectively to make sure it meets all the deadlines. There is always a need for the project manager to communicate each person in the team how they have to hold their weight in completing the project. It is expected from a project manager to work together to finish a project within the designated deadline.

It is helpful to know the difference between Agile and Scrum for an Agile interview. It is used in project management while Scrum is just a form of the Agile that describes the process more concisely.

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  • Agile is a practice whereas scrum is a procedure to carry on this practice. Agile is the broader umbrella where Scrum falls under. They want to know how you set estimates about the cost of something and about the deliverables. Candidates are concerned about leaving out information, so they over-explain.

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    There is no way interviewers can learn everything about you in a minute phone screening or even a full-day interview. Take the pressure off yourself by removing this impossible goal. This is an achievable goal, and you'll walk away knowing you shared your most important information. Organizing your answer in a predictable narrative makes it easier for interviewers to follow along.

    1. What is the most important thing a project manager does?

    Where did your journey start? What key moments brought you to your current situation? After you share your future goals, share your Big Three, relating to the employer and the position as a natural extension of your goals. Be sure to mention your excitement about the interviewing with the employer.

    Top 10 mostly asked project manager interview questions and answers Part-1

    Employers like to hire employees who want to work for them. Limit your response to seconds. Write it out and time yourself. Practice until you feel confident, but not so much that you become overly-rehearsed.

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    I partnered with our HR team on recruitment and designing some custom training programs. I am a certified SPHR and have lots of experience negotiating, which would be very helpful when working with providers. Study it until you can identify the following. The same is true for interview responses. What are you doing now? What is your hope for the future direction of your career?

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